Making Your New Home Safe And Secure

Home security is an incredibly important topic for many homeowners. While you may have a strategy and system that work excellently for your current home, a move can force you to reconsider your approach.

Choosing what’s best for your needs

Traditional home systems – the type installed and monitored by a professional service provider, often paid for with an ongoing monthly fee – were once the dominant form of security systems. Now, however, inexpensive technology and the always-on connectivity of smartphones mean there are more home security options available to homeowners. Of course, there are also less-technologically involved but still very useful choices to consider, too, like dead bolts and reinforced windows.

Strong locks go a long way toward keeping your home safe.

You might want to consider a mixture of these three options, as they all have roles to play in improving home security:

  • Alarm systems connect your home to a monitoring service as well as local police, fire and emergency services. They also contain a loud alarm that can attract attention soon after it starts to sound, especially in areas where neighbors live close by. These tools can be especially valuable during a crisis, as they frequently mean the monitoring team initiates contact with both homeowners and relevant emergency services, as necessary.
  • Smart cameras, lighting systems and similar devices connect to your computer and smartphone to provide real-time information about your property. Video doorbells connected to a smartphone or tablet are increasingly common, and there are plenty of more general security cameras that are similarly viewable from a mobile device. While these systems don’t directly connect to emergency services, they provide a direct look at what’s happening around your home, even when you’re far away from it. Additional options like speakers and perimeter lights can also help you interact with legitimate visitors and ward off others.
  • Security hardware like locks, dead bolts, reinforced windows and many other items can help you prevent unauthorized access to your home. These work easily and directly, some require nothing besides initial installation, others simply need to be engaged with a quick turn or twist. While they do little to prevent unauthorized entry, they can be an effective deterrent once they thwart that initial effort.

Depending on your home and the surrounding area, some or all of these measures might be right for you. You should consider discussing security measures with neighbors and friends after you move in to get a better idea of what is common in the neighborhood and if anyone knows of specific security issues. Recommendations can also arise from these conversations and help you plan your own home security strategy, even if you don’t act on every piece of advice you get.

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