An Organized Move Means Less Work Settling In

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Some people love to be organized, others view it as more of a chore. No matter your personal feelings on the topic, there’s one time when it definitely pays off to keep everything sorted, in order and easily accessible: your upcoming move.

An organized move doesn’t only mean less time spent managing the many boxes brought into your home on the big day, it also leads to less time spent setting everything up and settling in. Here’s a look at the advantages of an organized move:

Keeping your move organized means everyone is happier throughout the process.


Whether you’re working with local movers or going from coast to coast, an organized approach to packing up your belongings saves time and labor. If you work with an experienced packing service and give them a few simple instructions about boxing up items by room or with another set of criteria, those professionals will take care of the rest.

If you plan to box your belongings yourself, take the time to label each one. When a quick glance is all that’s needed to tell what’s inside, it’s easy to pull out an item that’s unexpectedly needed soon after arrival. More importantly, it means placing boxes where they’re needed in your new home is a simple and straightforward affair.

In the same vein, a general understanding of what’s needed on moving day and a plan to make sure all the boxes on your to-do list are checked means less stress as well as avoiding unnecessary work or duplicated effort. A simple to-do list and rough timeline can be enough to make sure you have the move well in hand. Taking 15 minutes to assemble these two items can save you hours of work later on and make sure everything happens as intended.

Ultimately, the benefits of keeping your belongings organized and creating a to-do list and timeline are a more positive attitude once moving day ends, and additional energy to put toward the settling in process.


Picture this: Your movers are finishing up a long day’s work and getting their truck ready to roll out. Nearly every box and belonging was placed in the room where you want the contents to reside in your new home. You and your family can easily unpack what’s needed that day and then take a measured approach to getting the rest of the house set up in the weeks ahead.

The alternative to this productive, organized and very attractive idea is your movers securely transporting everything into your new home, but without a plan for where to put it. Unlabeled boxes pile up and the unpacking process requires more work, becoming a longer and more complicated process.
To bring your move closer to the first scenario and keep it away from the second, you only need to take a few simple steps:

  • Organize your belongings and label your boxes when you – or your packers – box up your belongings.
  • Make a to-do list and rough timeline for the day of the move.
  • Make sure your labeled boxes end up in the right room on moving day.
  • Spread out the unpacking process instead of doing it all at once.

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