3 Moving Tips For Large Families

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Moving can seem like a large and complicated process at first. A little bit of preparation ahead of time goes a long way toward making the process fast and efficient, however.

When you have a large family and are beginning to plan a move, the organizing and planning can seem even more complicated. Don’t worry, though. With some advice specifically for big families, you can make the moving process a breeze.

Here are three moving tips for large families:

“Hold a family meeting once you make the decision to move.”

1. Make sure everyone is involved and up to date

Sharing information about the move keeps everyone on the same page. For large families, making sure everyone knows when, how and why the move is happening – along with where the new house is – means no one will be left out or miss important details. Rent.com suggested holding a family meeting once you make the decision to move. This is a great opportunity to make your kids feel included and answer any questions they may have. It’s also a great reason to make or order a family-favorite meal and start the moving experience on a happy note.

Take time out during family dinners and other group activities to provide updates as needed, and consider having additional family meetings when you get more big news about the move.

2. Keep the essentials close by

Despite all of the excitement of a new home, moving can feel disruptive to some people, including kids. By giving everyone in the family a small box or package to carry the practical and sentimental items most important to them, you can smooth over one of the biggest sources of anxiety and negative feelings related to the move. Whether it’s a poster of a favorite cartoon character or athlete, a special gift from their grandparents or the tablet they use to watch their favorite shows, easy access to special possessions can keep everyone a little calmer. That goes for the adults involved in the move, too.

3. Get the kids involved once you arrive

Moving is a big deal for everyone involved, but it can have a major impact on kids. That’s especially true when they’ve never seen house movers pack up all their things and truck them off. Blogger and frequent mover Danielle Smith suggested making it a point to explore your new surroundings after settling in. Take a walk around the neighborhood and a drive around the larger area. Ask your kids if they see anything interesting or if there’s anything in particular they want to look for. This approach helps them feel more connected to their new home and all the places around it.

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